I’m running for re-election to the King County Council because I believe that we have made important progress, but there is important work to be done to ensure that working families can remain in East King County in safe, stable, and affordable housing. 

I believe that we can provide a better, more sustainable transportation system that is responsive to our evolving travel needs. 

I believe that we can provide the safe and healthy communities everyone needs to thrive if we support expert health and social service providers, community, and law enforcement to prevent crime and recidivism, not just respond after a crime has occurred. 

I believe that we are the stewards and beneficiaries of the amazing natural environment of our Pacific Northwest and we must act urgently and with accountability to preserve our environment and avert the worst impacts of climate change. 

I believe that healthy kids and communities also require parks, playfields, trails and open spaces that are supported and maintained, for all to enjoy. 

I believe that King County is a place where all people are safe, welcome and can thrive regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or country of origin.